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Annual Conference

Alberta CMP hosts

Annual Alberta Regional
Mineral Processing and Oil Sands Conference



The Alberta chapter of the Canadian Mineral Processors Society (CMP) is a non-profit group consisting of operators, suppliers, manufacturers, academics and other industry professionals focusing on operational experience in the mineral processing, mining and oil sands industry.
The organization supports and promotes mentorship of university and colleague students enrolled in the mining and mineral processing programs at the provincial educational institutions.

Alberta CMP offers a venue for essential professional development networking, a forum to present and learn.

Quality Hotel & Conference Centre, Fort McMurray

The Annual Mineral Processing and Oil Sands Conference features discussions on plant operations, plant start-ups and improvements, application of new or new-to-industry technologies, tailings management, bitumen extraction process improvements, process aids and other topics while showcasing current states and advances in mineral industry with an opportunity to meet companies who work on improving efficiency, focus on innovation and environmental responsibility.


Alberta Regional CMP conference could not exist without the continued generous support from our sponsors.

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