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About Alberta Regional CMP

Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) is a Technical Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIMM).  A non-profit group of volunteers who are passionate about improving the mineral processing industry worldwide and promoting the industry through sharing of ideas and development of our students and new graduates getting into the profession.

It began in 1957, as an operator-oriented group called the Canadian Gold Metallurgists. Their first meeting took place at the Mine Branch of the Canadian Centre for Mining & Energy Technology (CANMET) in 1964 in Ottawa.   CMP was formed in 1968 by including base metal producers.   The first meeting of CMP was held in 1969.  The CMP joined CIMM in 1981.

The CMP is organized across the country into ten Regions with a Representative from each Region having a seat on the Board of Directors.  Regions include: Newfoundland/Labrador, Maritime, N.W. Quebec, Montreal, N.E. Ontario, Toronto, Lake Superior, N.W. Ontario, Central Ontario Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia/Yukon.

Oil sands mining and extraction processing utilizes similar principles from the mineral processing industry. The past collaborations between mineral processing operators, vendors, academics, consultants and government, which has proven to be very beneficial to the industries.  The success of the collaborations are linked to having members get together to exchange ideas and best practices, professionalism and ethics.

In 2004, Alberta, which is a substantial region did not have an active chapter.  At a time where increased development and processing of the oil sands was taking place.  Many operators coming from other extractive metallurgy operations were also being recruited to Fort McMurray from other mining and processing industries.  These operators also had a history with CIMM and CMP.  A regional chapter was established in Fort McMurray and founded by Fred Rizzuto who at the time was Operations Engineer for Extraction with Shell Albian Sands.

Alberta Regional CMP hosts the Technical Conference and Regional Board Meeting each year.

One critical priority of our chapter and Technical Conference is to invite the instructors and students from the regional mineral processing educational institutions.  This promotes new interactions and networking between new students coming into the industry and the operators and vendors.  Our branch is pleased to invite to our annual conference the students from the local Keyano College, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, N.A.I.T and S.A.I.T students free of charge.

Another critical requirement of the chapter is to recruit and have passionate operators as executive members. We have been fortunate with our regional operators who have always been helpful by contributing presentations and financial support to our group as well as enabling their professionals to join our Board Of Directors.

Over the years, we have had number of people representing operations from Syncrude, Suncor, Shell, CNRL, Teck, Imperial Oil and others some of whom also participated in our executive committee. 
We are also grateful for the support of our equipment and process aids suppliers and consulting professionals.
We have been fortunate to have speakers from the University of Alberta and University Of Calgary presenting latest research development in mineral processing and oil sands. 

No doubt we could not exist without the support of our industry sponsoring the annual conference expenses and student admissions.  If interested in sponsorship of our annual event and would like to learn more about it please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

  Make a positive impact – give back to the industry – Become a Speaker!

It is important to get an opportunity for mineral process professionals to share their successes and failures, promote the industry, create awareness, acquire professional development, networking (both technically & socially), improve relationships, trust, and reputation.  Through conferences like ours, successful people from mineral processing industry give back to the industry by supporting students, improving processes, reducing cost, managing environmental problems and working together.

As stated on the Canadian Mineral Processors national web site (www.cmpsoc.ca), the formation of the Canadian Gold Metallurgists was predicated on the principle of “Cost plus tails”, i.e. obtaining the lowest possible cost per ton of ore milled (including reclamation costs) with the highest recovery possible. This focus on operators and their interests is maintained as a priority today. 

If you are an operator, supplier, consultant or academic and wish to do a paper/presentation at our conference please contact us. We look forward working with our industry champions.